Micro HDMI to HDMI now available through DealExtreme

Given that the dock for the Samsung 7 Slate has an HDMI-A (the big one) and the slate itself has an HDMI-D (micro) connector, you either need to carry two adapter cables or.... when shopping for adapter cables you had to choose between them. It has been hard finding an adapter that can convert a micro-HDMI connector to a full sized HDMI connector. There are of course a lot of adapters that work the other way around, but I prefer not to have a very large plug sticking out of my slate when I don't use the dock.

I had already found a link to a wholesaler who carries such adapter, but so far no normal retailer carried it, until a couple of weeks ago:

Combine it with the following adapter cables and you'll never have trouble connecting to a projector or 2nd screen. (unless you find one that uses displayport only)

One note though... there seems to be a bug in the dock, the driver or in Windows 8, but the Dock HDMI connector doesn't always work as expected. I've found a workaround, but it requires you to be able to connect to your monitor using two cables. One from the dock and one from the tablet.I can get it to work using the following funny workaround:

  1. Connect the monitor to the dock using one cable (the VGA cable for example, make sure power comes from the slate or a wall adapter, not from the dock usb)
  2. Connect the monitor to the tablet using the other cable (the DVI-D cable for example)
  3. Extend the display while the tablet is out of the dock (this has always worked)
  4. Insert the tablet into the dock (thus while doubly connected)