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Converting a Group to a Team in TFS 2012


Some time ago I blogged about the few lines of code required to convert a TFS Group to a Team. It's now available as part of the latest beta version of the Tfs Team Tools from codeplex.

D:\Sources\TfsTeams\Main\TfsTeams CmdLine\bin\Debug>tfsteams GroupToTeam /collection:http://localhost:8080/tfs/DefaultCollection /teamproject:Scrum /group:NoTeam
Group [NoTeam] converted to team.
D:\Sources\TfsTeams\Main\TfsTeams CmdLine\bin\Debug>

Grab it while it's hot :). This is especially handy if you've upgraded an older Project Collection to TFS 2012 and where you were already using groups to distinguish teams.

Jesse Houwing

Jesse Houwing

I love good coffee, meaning strong, dark espresso! Regular Expressions and LINQ are like word-puzzles! I am a trainer for Scrum.org, a member of the Microsoft ALM Rangers and awarded Microsoft MVP.

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Converting a Group to a Team in TFS 2012
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