Upgrading from XAML to Build 2015 with minimal changes

This series is currently a work in progress

XAML builds on Visual Studio Team Services will be deprecated in September 2016. While support for XAML builds seems to stay around on-premise for a little while longer, it's time to upgrade to Build 2015.

You may have invested quite a bit in the XAML build system in the past, but as long as your changes have been mostly limited to custom MsBuild tasks and targets, Powershell or batch scripts, then upgrading to Build 2015 is (almost) a piece of cake.

In this series I'll go through the basic settings in the XAML Default Template and I'll explain how to transfer each setting over to the new system. There are still a few things which are not possible in the new system, such as configuring Gated Checkins for TFVC, but almost every other setting can be converted over.

Before going over each setting, I'll assume that you've installed at least one build agent, or are using Visual Studio Team Services with the Hosted Build option.

Other tips and tricks