Resharper 8.1 goes gold & Resharper CLI

For those of you who are using Resharper, version 8.1 was just released with Typescript support and better integration with Visual Studio 2013. The full release blog can be found here.

With Resharper 8.1 also ships an updated version of the Resharper Commandline Interface. This allows you to integrate Resharper in your build process. 8.1 introduces support for multiple configurations/cpus for your projects, but still requires the full context of a solution to execute.

Check out this older post to integrate Resharper CLI with Team Build 2012 (and 2010 probably). That way you can get the same warnings and errors in the IDE as in your Continuous Integration build. The Build workflow for 2013 has changed considerably and requires its own Custom Activity to execute. Judging by the Resharper ticket system, this is coming in a future release, but I might roll my own in the mean time.