Red-Gate releases Reflector 8.0

Red-Gate just released Reflector 8.0. Not with a lot of fanfare, as I only noticed because my Early Access Program Build wouldn't start and because there was no new EAP build available to download. They improved searching and filtering inside Reflector by introducing a filter bar in the tree view on the left.

The original Search functionality is still available, but this one is a lot easier to use.

They've also improved the debugging of 3rd party assemblies inside Visual Studio, it's a feature I rarely need, but when I need it, it's worth every penny (cent).

If you have a license for version 7.0, you get this upgrade for free, even though the upgrade wizard will tell you it will download the 14-day trial version. That version will automatically activate with your version 7 license.

Download the latest version here.