Red-Gate silently releases version of Reflector

It looks like Red-gate pushed out their new version a little in advance of the official announcement. When you download the latest version from their site you will get, the new version that includes

And something I hadn't seen before, though it has been in there for ages, PowerCommands! They're hidden in the options window (under tools, options) and it includes quite a few nice features. Copy as HTML, Copy as Text for code. Email snippet, Open in Visual Studio Version and the list goes on. They're not all as polished as the rest of the product, but some are quite useful.

There are still a few features I'd like to see added to the product and there's a growing list of (free) competitors, including JustDecompile and dotPeek. These competitors don't offer the full feature set of the VsPro version of Reflector (yet), but they do add some other features I'd love to see added to reflector, including:

  • Download sources from Source Server instead of decompiling (dotPeek)
  • Better navigation options such as browse implementations, derivations, base classes, base methods (dotPeek)
  • Command line support for project generation (JustDecompile)

And what these other tools offer, which Red-gate is going to have to compete with is the integration into the other tools of the same vendors: Resharper and JustCode.