In my career I've always used practices derived from Kanban while coaching teams. The focus on finishing what you started, strong collaboration through Swarming or Mobbing and spending minimal effort on Estimation have long been part of my advice.

Last year joined with Daniel Vacanti to look at how Scrum and Kanban can be combined to help teams achieve more focus and to help them become more predictable without spending a lot of effort on estimation during refinement. Scrum with Kanban retains all the advantages of rhythm and cadence from Scrum and supplements it with the power of limiting work-in-progress to facilitate flow as well as better ways to be predictable.

I'm on my journey to become a PSK trainer and the end is in sight. If you're interested in taking the PSK class, don't hesitate to contact Xebia Academy, it won't be long until we will be able to start teaching this as well.