Training - Applying Professional Scrum with Software Development

Training - Applying Professional Scrum with Software Development

Delivering an Integrated Increment at the end of each and every sprint isn't as easy as it may sound. It doesn't just involve picking the right technology and tools; it's not following a set of steps; it also requires a lot of collaboration between the different people in the Scrum Development Team.

While the course may seem to focus on the Programmer, it's also valuable for people with Database, Business Analysis or Testing background. Achieving continuous integration and flow is only possible when all Development Team members understand each other's skills and how to best bring those to bear.

We teach multiple variants of this class:

  • Professional Scrum Development with .NET
  • Professional Scrum Development with JavaScript
  • Professional Scrum Development with Python

All attendees of the Applied Professional Scrum with Development class receive a voucher for the Professional Scrum Development I assessment and a 40% discount on the Professional Scrum Master I assessment.

Course Dates Language Location
Applying Professional Scrum for Software Development 13-15 Nov 2024 English Hilversum, Netherlands