Global DevOps BootCamp 2017

Yesterday we had a blast. It's the only way to describe it. What started with a small idea over beer in Seattle by a few genius minds, ended up catering to 1500 participants workwide learning about Continuous Integration, Delivery and the promise of Containers and Serverless to make it easier to run your applications anywhere. The Global DevOps Bootcamp 2017!

With Donovan Brown keynoting, Marcel de Vries expanding and a great team consisting of Rene van Osnabrugge, Jasper Gilhuis, Alex de Groot and myself in Hilversum as well as many, many more MVP's and community leaders world-wide we started off with just enough information to make everyone excited and then we handed off the event to the  people who showed up in large numbers. They spent their whole free afternoon, in a weekend, playing with the latest Microsoft technology has to offer.

Some things people noted in our session:

  • It's amazing how fast you can get this stuff done with the right people and the right guidance.
  • What we did in a couple of hours here would take months at work.
  • Visual Studio Team Services is actually a really nice product, we should use it more often!
  • You get better collaboration and gather better insights by closing the laptops and actually talking to people.
  • We use all of the open-source tools to do Continuous Delivery, Visual Studio Team Services nicely combines them all into a single product.

Thanks everyone for organizing, attending and sharing.

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